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However, using triggers, you can change the value of a given property, once a certain condition changes.Triggers come in multiple flavors: Property triggers, event triggers and data triggers.

We then add a trigger, which listens to the Is Mouse Over property - once this property changes to True, we apply two setters: We change the Foreground to red and then we make it underlined.

This is a great example on how easy it is to use triggers to apply design changes, completely without any code-behind code.

I discovered that when I use this technique inside of the Loaded event handler of a Windows, it’s content was staying white until the long-running job stops.

To make it work, I started the job in the Content Changed method to be sure the content is rendered once first.

This can also be rephrased to : “ What is wonderful is that the solution takes only one little line of code. To keep it simple, the rendering of the UI is perform on the UI thread via the Dispatcher.

It can be considered as a , each of these task being assigned a priority. By doing the calls to , you are forcing a switch between thread execution and it costs a lot of processing which can be disastrous in term of performance.

If I check or uncheck the Checkbox, and then scroll, the values are rest to their original values when I scroll back.

So, basically the bound collection is not getting updated (it works fine when updating a value in a text column).

Notice that it’s necessary only when you need to execute a long-running job on the UI-thread.

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