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Baldwin, who co-owns a chain of yoga studios in New York City, also pulled off a perfect headstand and chatted with her.'The only bad thing about doing headstands, Hilaria, is gravity basically makes my chin fall into my forehead,' Couric said with her body upside-down.

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The crash took the life of his longtime close friend, comedian James Mc Nair.

Morgan spent more than a week in a medically induced coma during which his life hung in the balance.

The 59-year-old host, who is coming back as co-anchor for the first time in more than 10 years this week, talked to the yoga instructor about her new wellness book on Tuesday morning.

Couric put Baldwin's wisdom into practice and ended her segment on a yoga mat.

Baldwin (right) shared a snap of her pre-'Today' show prep, saying she was using eye patches to look rested while bracing herself for a short night along three-month-old son Leonardo But Couric raised the stakes even higher when she decided to launch the next segment and somehow managed to read the teleprompter with her head still resting on the floor.

Couric had announced a year ago that yoga was one of her New Year's resolutions for 2016, along with meditating, flossing more, not using her i Phone in bed, rereading the classics and doing a small act of kindness every day.

Plus, we discuss what makes a great documentary and listen to celebrities read excerpts from Sheila’s new book.

By televising her own colonoscopy, Katie hoped to raise awareness about colon cancer—and perhaps save other families from losing loved ones. The rate of people getting the procedure went up 20% in this country. Tune in to hear more about Katie’s family life—including her own teenage years (what her mom did when she caught Katie “necking”)—and how Katie used puppies as a bargaining tool. Use the promo codes at checkout for a special discount.

One year later, her commitment seems to have paid off.

Al Franken (D-MN) about his new book called “Giant of the Senate.” We also talked about President Trump’s decision to back out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and how Hillary Clinton should “move on” from her 2016 presidential election loss.

He was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2009 for his work on 30 Rock and has appeared in numerous films as an actor and voice actor.

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