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"They didn't have contact for a while but Jack got in touch and opened up the lines of communication again, which I think is lovely." The 39-year-old went on to explain that Jack, who recently became associate director of theatre production The Full Monty, invited his former step kids to see the show.

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Kym said she thought about me all the time and I was the same.

I knew she felt bad because she often mentioned she didn’t want to hurt her family."Her biggest fear was causing upset for anyone, especially her children and even Jamie.

Speaking about first meeting the actor, she said: "When I spotted him I told Myleene Klass, 'He's quite cute - except he looks about 12! (sic)"A few months earlier I'd been a single mum who spent her evenings ironing.

Now I was being texted by the hottest soap star in the country."Marsh explained how Ryder chose not to drink alchohol and preferred to stay in rather than attend celebrity parties."He said he'd got drunk once and it had made him do stupid things and feel sick so he'd decided never to do it again."It became clear that not only did Jack not like drinking, but he didn't seem to like other people drinking either.

It’s good to hear that Jack Ryder has honoured his role as a stepfather despite his split from Kym, isn’t it?

The hunky soap star has confirmed the rumours that he had a passionate affair with his Corrie castmate before she divorced hubby Jamie Lomas, but insists that it wasn't just a series of "drunken fumbles".

Kym Marsh tied the knot with ex-East Enders star Jack Ryder back in 2002, but the starry couple parted ways seven years later in 2009.

However, despite the fact that their own relationship came to an end, Kym has now revealed that Jack has maintained a brilliant relationship with her daughter, Emilie (born 1997), and son, David (born 1995). magazine about his relationship with his step-children, Kym said: "He was in their lives for 7 years and he's known Emilie since she was 3, so he was a big part of their younger years.

So instead Jack and I stayed in most evenings and watched films.

There were times when I'd think, 'Here I am, in London in my mid-20s and I could go to any club I wanted, but I'm sitting here watching again'."Jack never seemed keen on going out, so I never pushed it.

She swapped the cobbles of Coronation Street for Key 103 Radio, wearing this LA floral print crop top, distressed denim hot pants and flat black sandals.

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