Restoration and dating

There are different approaches for determining the authenticity of antique paintings: - verifying authenticity through a purely stylistic evaluation - verifying the authenticity of a painting by means of objective tests of the ageing of the material - verifying the authenticity of a painting with the use of scientific instrumental methods.The combined results of the stylistic, material and scientific investigations will permit the establishing of the compatibility of the painting with presumed elements or its inauthenticity.Some of the web versions of the Preservation Briefs differ somewhat from the printed versions.

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3) with Woods Light and microscope for the examination of restored areas 4) with IR-Reflectography for the examination of the deepest painting layers 5) with microscope, Woods Light and reflectography in order to verify the material uniformity and the ageing of the signature 6) with IR-Spectroscopy for establishing the pigments used and examining the drying of the paint binder attempt to determine the authenticity of a painting must begin with tests and analyses to establish whether the age of the painting and the materials and techniques used are compatible with the presumed date of execution.

The Museum laboratorys mission is to improve existing scientific methods and elaborate new methods for the ascertainment of the authenticity of art objects.

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Water damage and flooding can cause a large number of possible losses when water enters through your foundation, basement, roof or other areas of your home or business.

Immediate response time and a comprehensive water and flood restoration assessment are critical to avoid long term structural damage and health issues.

IR spectroscopic analysis permits the analysis of various materials to ascertain their compatibility with the presumed historic period: pigments, binders, glues and varnishes. The laboratory also digitalizes images obtained by the various techniques, carries out examinations under reflected and raking light, and performs microchemical analyses.

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