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Whatever our individual's evaluation & perception on this site, the reflection of things we had experienced , or learned here cannot be denied...i have enjoyes this site and talked to many nice guys and free,which is awesome for me cause im not paying to find a date.i have no problem dating in my town,but some people here are just more interesting to talk to,,i love the forums^baby, you're too sweet. that I recognize from other sites that I've been on. LOL and some of them I never talked to before coming here, but now I have my chance to do to them what I will I too want to extend my thanks out to Pof for their dedication and hard work in keeping this site going and for their parties which all in the long run costs money to do and where this is coming from, I am not sure, and does it matter?Not only the main people, our members keep this site going too!

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I found him to be nice, but honestly, I knew there was something missing. The whole time he's telling me how beautiful I am and cool and on our last meeting how he "really thinks he's falling in love with me," and we actually do become intimate..tells me the next day that he thinks we should be friends. All along I thought I had the upper hand, and honestly felt sorry for him, but he ends up telling ME we should be friends. lol I could bet you havent liked much sex with him either so isnt it just your bruised ego that speaking "how come! Besides, having sex usually puts things in different perspective, adds different spinj on relationship so it is natural many of those will go friendship way, thats one of the reasons I dont believe in "waiting" game. Nothing is worse than a bad loser.i had to laugh.... why don't you stop turning every relationship into a f#ckin game of emotional chess. and maybe the next one you have will play out a little better than a bad sitcom. I like it but there is place and time for everything and if the one engages in it its not the right thing to get so upset by a defeit, after all would the one get so upset and take it so personal about losing in a card game or chess.

I talked to friends, telling them how much of a gentleman he seemed to be, and I told them that I would ignore my first instinct....i've been known to have a bad boy complex, like most women, so since he didn't treat me like complete and utter crap, naturally I thought I couldn't be that attracted to him, but I was going to try and be like George from Seinfeld and "do the opposite," so I gave him a chance and didn't bail right away and decided to see how it would play out. Well OP.......chalk it up to experience within the game of life. Bow to your opponent and continue the game, its not finished yet.

Even better still, we could all really benefit if the few good women out there would upbraid the badly-behaved women and tell them to smarten up before all men in Western countries, particularly Canada and the United States, start pulling up stakes and leaving for friendlier places.

Western society is in danger of collapsing because so many women are behaving in such abysmally bad ways.

Any form of wink or compliment straight off the bat without trying to get my character is shady.

Excessive compliments are far from appealing and it just shows that he's far too focused on how you look.

how do i know a guy is interested in a relationship? one the dinner went well and he just texts me (so i am writing him off because i feel like im wasting my time), 2nd guy looked nothing like his pic, 3rd guy we talk once-twice a week but i felt no chemistry there. there is another guy who seems amazing who i havent met yet!

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