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His superhuman bound carried him from the southernmost tip of India into the land of Lanka, now known as Sri Lanka.

Rama stormed the country, and, after a big battle, rescued his wife. Sankalia, professor emeritus at Pune University, Dr N. Sahu, vice-chancellor of Sambalpur University, Orissa and Dr S. Behera, head of the department of history, Sambalpur University, are convinced that the mythic Lanka and India's southern neighbour are two different places.

Thousands of years ago, Lord Vishnu took birth on earth as Rama, prince of Ayodhya, to put an end to Ravana, the demon-king of Lanka.

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The youngest ages are consistent with the age of the overlying vegetation, and modern material taken from the sub-tidal beach gave a dose of 4 ± 2 m Gy (corresponding to an age of 0.7 ± 0.4 y), confirming that any previous potential luminescence signal in the source sediment is completely set to zero before incorporation into the spit.

The Mauryas were famous for their art and architecture Evidence of the earliest known structural temples has been recovered through excavations.

Originally, Abodes of Shiva on Templenet covered only those temples glorified by the tamil hymns of the Nayanmars of the 1st millennium CE.

This section has been now expanded to include other Shiva temples all over India.

A circular brick and timber shrine of the Mauryan period of 3rd century B.

C., was excavated at Bairat District of Jaipur, Rajasthan.The shrine measures 23 meters in diameter and was made of lime-plastered brick work, alternating with 26 octagonal pillars, of wood.It was entered from the east through a small portico, supported by two wooden pillars and was surrounded by a seven feet wide ambulatory.Hi , I am male 30 chennai,married and alone working here.. I am looking for women who is interested as personal friend. Saivite temples constitute a sizable majority of temples in states such as Tamilnadu.

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