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Initially fielded in early 1945 against the Germans, the SKS was not adopted officially by the Soviet Army till 1949 and was produced by the Tula Armory until 1955.

The quality of the early Soviet carbines was quite high as compared to some later manufacturers.

For example, a serial number 2958E44--1967 indicates that the SKS was manufactured in 1967. Add the first digit in a Chinese serial number to 1956 to determine the manufacturing date.

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How many different types of SKS Carbines utilize AK magazines?

The Chinese SKS‑D is the pre-ban version that has a standard length barrel, a bayonet lug and attached spike bayonet, and a standard stock (with a steel filler plate in front of the magazine well). Since the SKS‑D has no specific markings on the receiver, dealers coined this term in order to differentiate these rifles from the fixed magazine ones.

The China North Industries Corporation, officially abbreviated as Norinco, is a Chinese company that manufactures vehicles (trucks, cars and motorcycles), machinery, optical-electronic products, oil field equipment, chemicals, light industrial products, explosives and blast materials, civil and military firearms and ammunition.

Norinco is also involved in domestic civil construction projects.

I have the stripper clip guide, bayo lug, spike bayonet, normal stock, etc., but still not sure, I'll get home and get the pic on tonight.

Here are three shots of the very first conversion by Midwest Ordnance (needs a new catagory) this is the one that the Chinese came over and looked at then went back and made the 84's and then the D's.Some people continue to use the term SKS‑D to refer to any SKS that uses an AK magazine.The Chinese SKS‑M is the post-ban version, typically with a shortened Paratrooper barrel and without a bayonet lug.NORINCO mainly deals with defense products, petroleum & mineral resources development, international engineering contracting, optronic products, civilian explosives & chemical products, sports arms & equipment, vehicles and logistics operation, etc.NORINCO has been ranked among the forefront of China’s 500 largest state-owned enterprises in terms of total assets and revenue.In 1993, the import of most Norinco firearms and ammunition into the United States was blocked under new trade rules when China's permanent normal trade relations status was renewed. Customs agents conducted a sting against Atlanta based importers of Norinco firearms.

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