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Curt Wagner, Red Eye's Show Patrol Syfy will launch a full night of scripted dramas beginning July 11, putting its hits “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13” as the lead-ins to the new “Alphas” on Mondays.“Alphas” is one of three new series set to debut this summer, along with the reality shows “Haunted Collector” and “Legend Quest.” “Hollywood Treasure,” “Ghost Hunters International” and “Haven” also return this summer.

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fans were both confused and angered after Syfy reversed its recent decision to extend the show for a six-episode sixth season – effectively canceling it.

Erica Cerra, who plays Jo, the town’s intense deputy sheriff, on the series, was naturally taken aback by the news.

Canadian Actress best known for playing Deputy Jo Lupo on tv series Eureka. strangely many guys of your height and taller prefer short/average height girls, I even know a 6'8 guy who has a 5'5 girlfriend.

She claimed her height as "being 5-foot-6" in an interview, although in person she appeared nearer the 5ft 4 than 5ft 6. Nice you don't care she's a foot shorter than you,many 6'5 would fight for getting a date with her, LOL.

They love seeing a strong woman on television, they respect my character, I inspire them. I think it’s great that women out there, they can be tough and now there’s a more sensitive side to Jo and they know they can be sensitive, as well. At the beginning, Jo doesn’t hide her dislike of Carter.

Initially she feels that he shouldn’t be there, and she’s unhappy that she’s been passed over [for the sheriff position].Yes, B-movie fans, Syfy has assaulted us with more than 10 years of criminally corny goodness.Here are some of my favorites, mostly because of their titles and/or taglines.interview series is the beautiful and talented Erica Cerra, who has portrayed former deputy (now head of security for Global Dynamics) Jo Lupo since the series’ inception. Thank you, Erica, for spending the time and talking with us. EC: I started when I was like a wee little kid, about six. Obviously living in Vancouver, it was an American show that I did — a pilot that didn’t go anywhere — and then some commercials. Do you enjoy it, or is it more just a by-product of Vancouver being such a genre-heavy town in terms of what films here? But I’m really a huge fan of anything fantasy oriented. I love what I do, so I kind of want to do everything and anything — it doesn’t actually matter to me. It makes me feel like I’m really performing or acting, when you get to embody a character. She carried that with her in the military, then into law enforcement and now as head of security for Global [Dynamics].In our conversation with Erica, she discusses growing up with sci-fi, the differences between her and her character, the Jo/Zane relationship dynamic, and more! At about age 14, I decided I wanted to be a rebel without a cause so I got out of doing anything responsible, like acting, school, most things. Then I started again when I was about 20, commercials and did some guest stars on this and that, and then at 25 I booked this. So I’d much rather do that as opposed to just being myself on TV, because that’s no fun. Essentially, for , you’re the actress that’s kind of pushing the female empowerment dynamic. Do you feel any type of responsibility when it comes to how you portray her? I think that it’s incredibly important that there are strong women out there, but I think there’s always degrees.“[Executive producers] Jaime Paglia, Todd Sharp and [producer] Bruce Miller called and told me what happened.” When the cancelation was announced, the cast was set to shoot the Season 5 finale in just days and they worried that the series wouldn’t get an appropriate ending.

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