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The employer would only be responsible for adding new hazard information on the ingredients already listed in the expired data sheet .The parties that can request the employer to disclose the source of toxicological data include an inspector, a worker, a member of the joint health and safety committee, a health and safety representative, or a worker representative .In such cases, the employer is expected to make reasonable efforts to update the data sheet him/herself.

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Knowledge acquired under the HCS will help employers provide safer workplaces for their employees.

When employees have information about the chemicals being used, they can take steps to reduce exposures, substitute less hazardous materials, and establish proper work practices.

Evaluation of chemical hazards involves a number of technical concepts, and is a process that requires the professional judgment of experienced experts.

obligated to send an updated or revised data sheet to previous customers.

Would an MSDS with such a statement be considered to be in compliance with OSHA regulations. " A material safety data sheet is intended to be a reference document that reflects the most accurate and current information about a specific hazardous chemical (product) that is available at the time that the MSDS is developed.

Answer: OSHA's hazard communication standard (HCS), .1200(g)(2)(xi) states that MSDSs shall contain ". .[t]he date of preparation of the material safety data sheet or the last change to it . It is imperative that an MSDS is a correct reflection of current scientific information related to the hazardous chemical or product, again, as of the date that the MSDS is prepared.

MSDSs must be updated whenever the required information on the data sheet changes and the updated data sheet must then be sent with the next shipment of the chemical to the downstream user.

MSDSs are therefore tied to the initial shipment of the chemical, and the information on the data sheet would be considered current for that particular shipment of the chemical, and remains valid until such time that the information gets updated.

Thus, a statement that the information is "valid on the date of printing only" is inconsistent with the requirements of the HCS.

What can you do to avoid common pitfalls associated with SDSs? Does it at least comply with the specific regulations in your country or market?

These efforts will help prevent the occurrence of work-related illnesses and injuries caused by chemicals.

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