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For most people, these habits don't cause them any problems.

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Being addicted to something means that not having it causes withdrawal symptoms, or a "come down".

Because this can be unpleasant, it's easier to carry on having or doing what you crave, and so the cycle continues.

Maybe he wants something different, something wild and kinky, or maybe he simply wants to connect with a willing open-minded partner who will participate in his fantasy while he gets his rocks off.

An easy solution is to call a phone sex line and indulge in a few minutes of live facilitated masturbation.

It involves talking about or listening to explicit erotic matters on the phone.* Those engaging in the practice often masturbate to relieve their arousal.

“PHONE SEX,” according to one well-known American magazine, “has replaced the love letter as the preferred means of romantic communication for couples who find themselves apart.” What is phone sex?

Phone sex subverts the risk.” Granted, phone sex doesn’t involve physical contact with another person. The Bible calls this period when sexual desires are at their peak “the bloom of youth.” (1 Corinthians ) During this crucial time in life, a Christian youth should learn to “get possession of his own vessel in sanctification and honor.” (1 Thessalonians 4:4) That is, you must learn how to cope with and control your sexual feelings.

But does this mean that there is nothing wrong with it or that there are no dangers or risks at all? This is crucial to having a healthy, balanced view of sex.

Other people, however, are promoting telephone sex strictly for profit.

Whether the obscene talk takes place between courting couples or between strangers, phone sex is alarmingly popular. “It’s the safest sex you can have,” claims one woman. For instance, in October 2000, in response to an increase in HIV infections, a group of Russian health experts took out newspaper advertisements to promote telephone sex.

The issue of masturbation is a form of sexual behaviour that most of us learn first – quite instinctively.

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