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Koyuki is a Japanese actress and former fashion model from Kanagawa Prefecture.She is perhaps best known to western audiences for playing opposite Tom Cruise in Edward Zwick’s The Last Samurai.The couple, who costarred in the 2009 film ‘‘Kamui Gaiden (Kamui side story),’’ registered their marriage in Tokyo earlier this month.

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You did most beautiful portrayal in the Last Samurai. I follow here career with great interest and enthusiasm .

I still haven't mastered the language but I love it. the most gifted actress and stunningly beautiful , to know her in real life would be a gift from the gods .

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I have been there three times and absolutely love it.

her husband is a very lucky man , to love her is very natural I Adore Koyuki she's my favorite, I've been admiring her since I watched "Kimi wa Petto" that was my second Japanese drama to begin with I've seen her before in the "Last Samurai" and admired her, then forgot about her... love her in the trilogy of "Always sunset on third street" Koyuki, Kenichi Matsuyama tie the knot - Japan Today, Thursday 21st April, AM JST TOKYO — Popular movie stars Koyuki, 34, and Kenichi atsuyama, 26, recently tied the knot, Matsuyama’s office said Wednesday.

Koyuki’s full name is Koyuki Matsuyama (maiden name: Kato).

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