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In the audio, which was uploaded onto You Tube on Monday (Feb. Don’t get me wrong, she’s cool, she’s level-headed, whatever, but she’s not no regular person … ” he tells his ex, trying to convince her that his relationship with Sparks was purely a PR move.22, 2016), the rapper tells ex-fiancée Curium Hurley that the alum supposedly dated him for publicity. Everybody on the outside looking in [thinks] it’s hella perfect.” According to Sage, the his manager told him to share photos of Sparks on his Instagram as a way to “stir shit up” ahead of his album’s release, insisting that he had nothing to do with posting about Sparks as his #Woman Crush Wednesday. “Now publicists were meeting with other publicists.

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Jordan Sparks and Sage the Gemini have broken up after a 10 month relationship.

The 26-year-old singer and 23-year-old “Gas Pedal” rapper have called it quits and removed all pictures of each other from their social media accounts, a source confirmed to .

“I miss you to much to watch you look so amazing at the [Clive] Davis party and not be able to call you and express how much I appreciated the look because you won’t answer nor text back the feeling is horrible.” You know what else is horrible?

Jordin Sparks’ past relationship with rapper Sage the Gemini resurfaced in the spotlight after the “Red Nose” artist pleaded for her to forgive him.

I felt some kind of way because the world thought it was my fault, and I broke up with her.” READ: 6 Things We Learned From Jason Derulo’s ‘Everything Is 4′ He later continued, “So they kind of fu**ed with me only from that perspective.

I was really disappointed in her and how she handled it because she made people believe that it was my fault.In December, the rapper shared a telling Instagram. I am seeing and feeling myself get weaker says the old me. Right now I'm actin like a bitch I'm makin bitch moves so I need to change that if I can get motivational words from you guys that would be amazing.My imagination is a horrible place that I battle with in my relationship (being jealous) etc I say to myself maybe I should work out till I push evil thoughts out of me and ask God to shine light in the dark I'm f--kin myself up,” he captioned a shirtless mirror selfie. Thanks."This past July, the American Idol season 6 champ hinted that things were getting serious with Sage the Gemini, whose real name is Dominic Wynn Woods."It's very early, but I'm not the type of person who stays in a relationship if I can't see it going further than a casual relationship," Sparks told ET in July.Like Wendy Williams asked her, ‘so we heard that he cheated, is that why you guys broke up? Led by Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, and Fantasia in shimmering, impossible-to-miss gowns, it was truly a wondrous night. Lo was in full diva mode, naturally, with her princess-inspired Elie Madi sparkling gown featuring a buoyant high-low hem that extended all the way down to the floor."I could see marriage, but we haven't really planned anything.

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