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Queen Bey has always been notoriously private despite her God-like allure which explains the endless whispers about her intriguing (and somewhat scandalous) celebrity love life.

“And he’s totally in love with her.” Naturally, Pharrell swooped in and shut the rumors down.

Michael Jackson After MJ passed, Diddy told a legendary (and mostly unbelievable) story about how the King of Pop wanted to party (and pursue) Beyonce.

There’s not much to the getting-to-know-you sections of “A Beautiful Planet,” perhaps because the astronauts have more on their agenda than serving as fly-on-the-wall documentarians.

What Myers does get is charming scenes and montages of more playful moments, like the spiky-haired Cristoforetti getting a trim or making herself an espresso, a bag of fruit floating weightlessly or the crew celebrating Christmas by leaving milk and cookies by the airlock.

“” When we look at a celebrity crush, some of us may have the opportunity to learn more of that person than what meets the eye, but the majority of the time, we know of the public persona that they have created for themselves.

When we go by what we know OF them and not ABOUT them, there is always room for assumptions and disappointments.Pharrell New York Daily News sources once revealed Bey’s alleged fling with the superproducer that wasn’t totally unbelievable. “Beyonce is totally in love with Pharrell,” the source claimed. La maggior parte delle newsletter prevedono un’iscrizione gratuita, in alcuni casi possono essere a pagamento, solitamente relative ad argomenti di nicchia.Scrivere newsletter efficaci e non invasive è importante se non vogliamo che il nostro piano di Direct Email Marketing sia un fallimento o, peggio, sia ritenuto spam dalle persone.But I understood the underlining of the statement from Iyanla, because being a part of something so big and renowned as the Jacksons, a presumption is placed upon a person as a Gold digger or an opportunist.

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