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But what if you're looking to spice things up a bit? Or maybe Emmanuelle's look isn't your style?

OK, what if you're looking to spice things up Would you consider rocking Emmanuelle's look on a first date?

And by “ran with it,” I of course mean shared their universal shock that a female comedian had a hot boyfriend.

premiere in New York, Mila Kunis proved she's the queen of the Kohl-rimmed eye and Emma Stone showed us that red and pink look lovely together. Many of you shared that your go-to look for first dates involves jeans and a cute top.

However, it was Emmanuelle Chriqui red-hot look that caught my eye. I totally agree—it's what I wore on my first date with my husband!

Earlier this month, the rumor mill churned out a doozie: A source claims Jenny Slate is dating Chris Evans.

Though neither party has confirmed this news, the internet treated it like the gospel and ran with it anyway.

It was an event to celebrate Hollywood's most stylish stars.

And it certainly wasn't hard to see why Emma Stone, Jenna Dewan and Lily Collins made the guest list.As a child, she studied at the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland and returned to London.She started her career as an actress from 2001 although she has already performed in a small role on Scariest Places on Earth (1997).The trio of beauties all graced the red carpet in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon at the star-studded Stylemakers Awards, hosted by Variety and WWD and presented by Dyson Supersonic.Emma showcased her classic but effortless style in a striking black dress which boasted an elaborate colourful print featuring flowers and dragonflies.Clocking in at 179 minutes, “Wolf” sets a record as Scorsese’s longest fiction film (one minute longer than “Casino”), but that doesn’t make it his most ambitious or deeply felt.

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