Difference between exclusive dating and relationship

”)First things first: it’s OK that you’re showing up more as a little girl than a woman, if you feel like you are.If you don’t acknowledge the little girl, then she will never let the woman appear.

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Love is also characterized as a powerful attraction and personal commitment and sacrifice.

Attachment or affection in love is not limited to human beings but to other entities like animals, things, and ideas.

Note: it’s not that you can’t need or want somebody’s approval or have fear – the point is that you don’t want to live there, and consistently act from that state of emotion. Giving is what you do when you truly care about somebody, and their future, and what they really they want.1) A good example of pleasing would be: the woman who makes plans with her friends, but when her man calls to meet up, she changes her plans with her friends because, inside, she feels bad for saying ‘no’ to him. So much for ‘pleasing’.3) The classic example of pleasing: parents giving their children everything they want (or almost everything). I’m not saying they don’t someone is on you, the more safe they are. The classic phrase used by a pleaser is: ‘keep him happy’ or ‘keep her happy’. We all value givers, even if their actions make us angry and resentful at first, because givers are valuable women. They’re most likely leeching off your insecurities and your desperation for love and approval. See, pleasers have little to no internal resources (little value), because the ‘feel good’ moment from pleasing only lasts so long and it’s like a bottle being emptied the minute it is filled, and then needing to be filled, again and again. Like I heard once: “what you give, you get to keep. Giving adds to your sense of pride, but pleasing never does.

At least we sometimes trick ourselves in to believing this. I can attest to the difference between pleasing and giving because I’ve done both in my life. I’ve given so much also, that I recognize just how rewarding the act of truly giving is. Examples…1) Giving could be telling a good girlfriend that yes, she would feel much better, look much better and be much happier if she changed her eating habits and lost some weight, rather than saying ‘oh honey! ’.2) Giving could be telling your man that you need time to yourself, to re-charge so that you can come back to the relationship with more to give, instead of seeing him every time he says he misses you.

I see a huge problem among us women, especially when women are in a relationship.

This problem is the problem of pleasing all the time.

You may already be a woman in some areas of your life.

One thing is for sure…the area of intimate relationships is the place where most of us show up as little girls and little boys.

Attachment results in a very powerful connection and bond between two entities.

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