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Biking's a cheap, fun way to get your adrenaline pumping, and it's great for shy people because there's no pressure to talk the whole time.

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However, Venus is in your solitude sector December 4-30, causing you to crave quiet downtime here and there.

If you're in a relationship, the 10th is the perfect night to get cozy with your guy, since the love planet is vibing with laid-back Neptune in your domestic angle.

These ladies have won awards from (Readers' Choice), BET, the Doves, the Grammys, the NAACP, Soul Train and the Stellars.

Taking a break hasn't slowed down their fan base at all, and with Erica doing solo work, we've still got something to hold on to!

Work stress and turbulence at home or in your family could get to you on the 10th, when Mars faces off against Uranus.

Fortunately, socializing will be a pleasant outlet for you that day.

These cards run the relationship gamut, from what it’s like to date (the good, the bad and the bumping uglies) to the solid courtship phase (where you’re comfortable enough to fart but you still get raging boners for each other) all the way through the mutual acceptance of mediocrity that is marriage. I’m feeling like a bitter, wealthy, urban sophisticate.) Enjoy!

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Plan it so you end up at an ice cream shop or lunch spot so you can cool off and chat a little.

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