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Most large-scale commercially laid eggs are produced from chickens in cages.According to the University of Florida Extension, producers use cages to keep birds separated from their feces, to create safer working conditions, and to aid with production cost and efficiency.Domesticated chickens, first introduced to Africa thousands of years ago, continue to be an important staple item in the diets of rural villages across the continent, including this Konso village in Ethiopia.

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(Photo: Courtesy of Rod Waddington via Creative Commons) The discarded bone of a chicken leg, still etched with teeth marks from a dinner thousands of years ago, provides some of the oldest known physical evidence for the introduction of domesticated chickens to the continent of Africa, research from Washington University in St. Helina Woldikiros, postdoctoral researcher in anthropology at Washington University in St. " data-medium-file=" Woldekiros.jpg" data-large-file=" Woldekiros.jpg" class=" wp-image-177464" src=" Woldekiros.jpg" alt="Helina Woldekiros" width="217" height="217" srcset=" 300w, Woldekiros-150x150150w" sizes="(max-width: 217px) 100vw, 217px" / Based on radiocarbon dating of about 30 chicken bones unearthed at the site of an ancient farming village in present-day Ethiopia, the findings shed new light on how domesticated chickens crossed ancient roads — and seas — to reach farms and plates in Africa and, eventually, every other corner of the globe.

“Our study provides the earliest directly dated evidence for the presence of chickens in Africa and points to the significance of Red Sea and East African trade routes in the introduction of the chicken,” said Helina Woldekiros, lead author and a postdoctoral anthropology researcher in Arts & Sciences at Washington University.

Years ago, the information on chicken egg carton labels differed only in respect to the size of the egg (small, medium, large and jumbo) and the quantity in the package (a standard dozen or 18).

Now, labels appearing on egg cartons in grocery stores, farmers markets and farm stands make a variety of claims about the eggs inside.

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