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You can also include columns for budget information on P&L reports.

The output is generated directly as an Excel spreadsheet that can be formatted, printed and emailed.

This could be for several reasons: Any of these would result in having multiple Quick Books files – which is the case for about half of Insight Squared’s customers. Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions is the highest edition in Intuit’s product suite.

Leslie Anonymous, take a look at this free report here on Proformative...

"When Is It Time To Graduate From Quick Books:" https:// It has some good insights. Sarah Chris, you may want to look into using Adaptive Planning for consolidations.

Since Quick Books for Mac does not work with Marketplace programs, you have to use Option 2 if you are currently using this version (applies to US only).

It can do either partial or full ownership, multi currency and nice financial reporting. Once initial setup is done the Monthly consoles are super easy. You might want to watch this free video here on Proformative: "Financial Consolidations and Reporting: The Alignment of People and Technology" https:// Best of Luck... The close process for multi-national companies still takes time (closing the local entity ledgers, including revaluing any multi-currency balances), closing inter-company transactions, elimination entries, and consolidation (I'm assuming FASB 52 compliant) take some time.

Its primary purpose is for budgeting and forecasting, but provided you can download your G/L trial balance into the format needed to upload it into Adaptive Planning, you can very easily use it to do consolidations and other types of roll-ups.

You want to know the answer to a simple financial question, e.g. However, if your company is of decent size, it’s probable that your accounting team uses multiple Quick Books company files to record your data.

That could be possible with your organization – in most companies it is not.

This would put you in the position of either implementing a new system for your legal entity that supports consolidation from other systems, or implementing a consolidation tool that is separate from your ERP environment.

The Intuit Marketplace lists many programs that work with Quick Books.

Some of these programs produce combined reports from multiple company data files.

Here is a recent thread from Proformative that discusses these types of tools: Bob Scarborough I saw a Grant Thornton presentation on Blackline Systems that is cloud based works with multiple ERP systems, has account reconciliation application and consolidation.

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