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If you have a loan from Bank of America, you are still required to repay it.If you are dissatisfied, however, you have options.

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Emancipated on one hand, but generally without lengthy credit histories.

Bank of America responds with a number of unique products, tailored to college-aged consumers.

Consolidating student loans with Bank of America is not only limited to its customers but also to their non-customers.

However, there are things that you need to ask yourself with before you go through the process of consolidation.

“Solutions for Students” is a convenient banking resource for college students.

The service includes: In addition to student-friendly banking options, BOA puts forth a number of credit cards, like The Bank of America Student Platinum Plus Visa Card, that are designed with college students in mind.

Student loans are one of the many kinds of financial assistance that are available for aspiring college students. Unlike, grants and scholarships, applicants in student loans are required to return the amount that they borrow to meet the cost of their education and related expenses.

These loans are offered by government as well as a number of private institutes.

Like many other lenders, Bank of America made this move after it deemed the student loan market unprofitable during the ongoing credit crunch.

As they left the private student loan business, Bank of America shifted into offering federal loans including Stafford, Plus loans, and others offered under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP).

College students need certain features from their money management providers, and they are not always the same account characteristics favored by mom and dad.

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