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Your baseline allowance corresponds with the lowest rate per k Wh.

Electricity rates rise progressively as your electricity use reaches the second and third tiers. In late 2013, California passed a law — Assembly Bill (AB) 327 — to modernize the state’s energy rate structure.

It was also provided with the task of being a federal co-ordinating body during times of domestic disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.

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The Trust’s pathology services are managed by the Pathology Partnership - a joint venture between six NHS trusts in the East of England that have come together to modernise delivery of pathology services for hospitals, GPs and patients.

The Partnership was formed in May 2014 in response to changes driven by commissioners and NHS England to transform pathology services and follow the best practice recommendations set out in the Carter Report on Pathology 2008.

The Partnership’s laboratories operate on a hub and satellite model with non-urgent GP testing being consolidated at the hub laboratories in Cambridge and Ipswich.

Smaller satellite laboratories operate from the other locations within the Partnership and will focus on fast turnaround on critical tests for their own inpatients.

By consolidating pathology services into a network of laboratories across a wider geographical area, the partnership will deliver significant efficiencies and benefits for patients, hospitals and GP surgeries.

For more information on blood, urine and other pathology tests please use the lab tests online website.

A programme of modernisation and standardisation of practices across the laboratories within the Pathology Partnership is underway.

Each hospital within the Partnership retains an on-site pathology service focusing on turning round critical tests promptly for patients in their own hospitals.

Electric rates will be consolidated from four tiers to two tiers, and the differences between the tiers will be reduced -- ultimately with a 25 percent differential between the two tiers.

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