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Little did we know that she was basically a You Tube celebrity with her recordings of covers and even some of her original songs.

C: I first started singing pretty much when I was able to talk.

I joined choir for the first time & absolutely loved it.

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Aj cathy nguyen dating

she has been amazing and I was glad she was my date : D lol. Just knowing they are just regular people is just a shocker Crazy night filled with food, dancing, pictures, screams and live music.

Gaining popularity on You Tube since 2007, she has made a number of videos & appearances as a singer and actress. She attended school for radiology while working as a hostess at a sushi restaurant.

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this is a video of the livestream Aj Rafael and his friends did to raise money for Autism Awareness.

"We Could Happen" was licensed by DMA for sensory marketing in mainstream retailers including Abercrombie & Fitch & Hollister.

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What made the night so special for the fans who attended was their chance to get to see their favorite singers perform live, dance on the same dance floor as them, and most importantly, they exprienced AJ's genuine desire to give back to the community in more ways than one.

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