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I really need to make it clear that me and this guy are friends. As for spending time with my kids I took a job that allows me to drop my kids off at school every morning (we have breakfast as a family every day prior to school), I pick them up from school every day, they have 7 days a week with me (except for the occacional once a month outing that I may have), and my education is on-line so that I can sit in my home and not leave my kids with anybody else. I date as friends with not extras of romance involved.I say all of that to explain to many of you that think that my kids get little time of me; well, to tell the truth, they actually ask me to go out so they can stay with my sister or b.f. I have been single for four years and don't ever want to put my babies through another divorce. We have gone out a few times since Novemeber and he is flying out to go to Universals Studios.

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LOL Now on to the original topic :-) This guy is an great guy (oh by the way I had a background check done on him back in Nov. He invited me to bring the kids along and that is what prompted my question. I have opted to go but to leave my kids out of it for several reasons.

I thank all of you for your input and I can surely thank those of you that speak from experience and not from hotty heads.

Particularly if they have full custody, their ability to be spontaneous will be greatly reduced.

It’s tough to go out for an impromptu late-night breakfast at the 24-hour diner when you have a toddler sleeping in the next room.

There are a lot of articles that will tell you how to forge a healthy relationship with your partner’s child.

That’s really important, but this post is about how to take care of you, and how to keep your relationship fun, fulfilling and shameless – for everyone involved. Think about whether you really, truly, honestly want to date someone with a kid.If you found out a guy you were dating had kids, would it bother you? Or would his family situation be a complete deal breaker for you? ) and horror the next (how can someone “hate” cats?! And what happens when you find out the potential love of your life already has an important relationship in their life – with their kid?Well, first of all I never thought my question would arose so many answers.A big thank you to all of you that took time to answer my question.As scary as all of this is, you continue to care about this woman.

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