Accomodating bicycle and pedestrian travel

Maps of existing and planned facilities and regional bicycle and pedestrian corridors are also provided.

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If your community has plans for bicycle and/or pedestrian facilities, whether they are in non-motorized plans, recreation plans, transportation plans, master plans, downtown development area (DDA) plans, or other documents, be sure to contact SEMCOG staff, so they can includes it in further updates to its plans and databases.

SEMCOG provides assistance to member communities looking for fresh perspectives on planning and implementing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Detailed discussion of various schemes for rating bicycle level of service.

Discussion of Pedestrian Level of Service and Share-Use Path Suitability measurement, with details about the formulas.

Kiyomizudera is one of Japan's most popular temples.

It stands in the wooded hills of eastern Kyoto and offers visitors a nice view over the city from its famous wooden terrace.

While the walk through the Higashiyama District between Kiyomizudera and Yasaka Shrine is only about two kilometers long and could be done in half an hour, you could easily spend half a day or more in the area, visiting the various temples, shrines, shops and cafes along the way.

Good walkers are likely to enjoy walking beyond Yasaka Shrine past Chionin and Shorenin Temples to Heian Shrine, and possibly even further via Nanzenji and the Philosopher's Path to Ginkakuji Temple.

These businesses retain their traditional design, although many have been renovated through the years, and they continue to serve customers today, selling local specialties such as Kiyomizu-yaki pottery, sweets, pickles, crafts and other souvenirs.

The shops and restaurants in the area typically open around nine or ten in the morning and close relatively early around five or six in the evening, except during the ten day long Hanatoro in March when the streets of Higashiyama are lined by thousands of lanterns and many of the area's temples, shrines and businesses have extended hours and special illuminations.

(PDF document)An Excel spreadsheet from Mo Bike Fed that will calculate BCI, BLOS, CBF (Chicagoland Bicycle Federation Bicycle Map Criteria), and IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation Bicycle Map Criteria) for four different roads at a time, for easy comparison of different roads and configurations.

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